Way To Kill Of Mice


Although technically mice aren’t bugs, we feel that the rate of house mice infestation is significant enough to warrant an article on this pest control site of ours. Mice and rats can be extremely difficult to tell apart with the exception being their difference in size (a rat is often twice as big as a mouse).

For ordinary homes though, mice infestations are approximately 15 times more common compared to rat infestations so if you see one of these rodents in your house and they aren’t terribly huge (longer than 4 inches in length), you can safely bet that it’s a house mouse you’re seeing.

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rat vs mouseRegardless of all that though, both mice and rats can survive for extended periods despite having very limited resources of food and water. The approaches that you can use to catch these critters are also identical so you really don’t need to tell the differences between the two.

Snap Traps

Firstly, the single most effective method of getting rid of mice is to trap them. A snap trap, in particular, which is triggered as a mouse runs across it or if it’s baited to step upon it, is the simplest yet most cost-effective way of killing these rodents. The choice of your baits doesn’t have to be complicated because mice will be attracted to literally all sorts of food that are left out in the open.

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If you still want a recommendation from us though, we’d suggest using a tiny scrap of cheese as the bait just because we’re fans of the cliche and it doesn’t get any more generic than that!

snap e mouse trap
The terrifying Snap-E Mouse Trap!

A cheap snap trap (~$12) that we find most effective is the Snap-E mouse trap because it kills a mouse instantly by snapping down on it really hard but without crushing the head or limbs. Out of 20 or so mice we killed instantly using this trap, only 1 was caught by its back foot. We still don’t know how that happened but we suspect that it’s a particularly light-footed one! It’s nothing a whack on the head wouldn’t solve though.

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Because this trap doesn’t cut up or cause the rodent to suffer from bleeding injuries, you can easily reset and reuse the trap over and over again. If you plan on releasing your caught rodents alive out into the wild though, this might not be the best choice for you! For live catches, you’ll ideally want a glue or cage trap discussed below.

mouse electric trapElectrical Traps

An alternative here would be electrical traps (that basically electrocutes the rodents to death) but these are a lot more expensive (up to $40) and will not offer any additional advantage over well-made snap traps.

way to kill of mice

glue trapGlue Traps & Cage Traps

These types of traps can ensnare a mouse and leave them well alive and without any harm but this also means that you’ll have to manually kill the mouse by whacking it over the head.

Drowning it is usually a cleaner way but we don’t do this anymore because it’s not really a humane way to kill a rat (or anything at all really). You could choose to release the mouse elsewhere but if you don’t do it far away enough (like at least half a mile away), it could very likely track its way back to your property eventually.

rat poison

Poison Or Rodenticides

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This used to be a popular option years ago before significant drawbacks were discovered. Firstly, other predators of rats or scavengers might consume these poisoned critters and be subsequently poisoned themselves.

Secondly, it takes a while before the poison kicks in and finally kills off the poisoned rodent. In that time, the rodent could have crawled into a difficult to reach area before it dies. Its corpse will emit a lasting odor and will also attract other pests or scavengers into the area. On the whole, using poison or rodenticides is a messy affair that we’ve learned to stay away from.



How To Prevent Blackheads

Exfoliating with baking soda
“Exfoliating is one of the only variables we do have control of when it comes to minimizing the appearance of blackheads,” Zalka noted. You can use cleansers, brushes and sponges to gently scrub away plugged pores, but chances are you already have a key element in your fridge.

“Baking soda is an ingredient that is often used in microdermabrasion, which, as a method of exfoliating, can aid in minimizing blackheads when done regularly.”

Mix baking soda with water to create a gentle scrubbing paste. Alternatively, you can use apple cider vinegar instead of water, because it has astringent and anti-bacterial properties and will similarly clear out pores.

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2. Use clay masks
“I occasionally recommend facial masks for patients to use for deep cleaning that can in some circumstances help clean out pores, leaving them smoother looking,” said Zalka. “Like with microdermabrasion, it needs to be done on a regular basis for best results.”

Dr. Jennifer MacGregor of Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City echoed that.

“Abrasive pastes, powders and clay masks with kaolin gently exfoliate and help absorb existing oil, but it will accumulate again shortly after the product is used,” she noted.

3. Try pore strips

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Whether store-bought or homemade, “pore strips can provide immediate improvement of some types of plugged pores, but the blackheads will recur unless a proper skin care regime is followed routinely as a preventative measure,” noted Zalka.

4. Apply salicylic and/or glycolic acid
“The best way to break down oil in clogged pores is by using beta-hydroxy acids (like salicylic) or combination peels containing salicylic acid,” said MacGregor. “It is lipophilic (attracted to fat/oils) and concentrates at the surface of the pore to dissolve the plugs. Consistent use will prevent the blackheads before they form and help clear existing pores.”

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Additionally, glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that’s derived from sugar cane, helps clear dead skin and debris on the surface.

5. Buy a retinoid product
This vitamin A derivative is “the absolute best way to clear clogged pores and prevent blackheads from forming,” said MacGregor.

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“Prescription-strength formulations are the most effective, but there are several highly effective over-the-counter retinol formulations. These work on receptors in the skin to improve the way skin grows and sheds so that it is less likely to form acne. The outer skin layer evens out and gets thicker while the outer dead layer of keratin material sheds more efficiently. Sometimes there is noticeable peeling but after regular use three to seven times weekly for four to six weeks, the side effects lessen and the skin appears more radiant and clear.”

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6. Get microdermabrasion
This professional method of exfoliation “can help a great deal,” said Zalka. “Your dermatologist can also provide chemical peel treatments and comedone extractions which are office-based procedures known to help improve skin texture and appearance.”